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Today is a special day. Not historical, at least I don't think so. It's April 13th. For me, that means two things:
1. It's my birthday. I'm now wandering around this shithole we call earth for 24 years. I don't think that I have accomplished anything in my life so far and to be perfectly honest, I don't think that this will change in the next years to come. So why even bother celebrating that day in the first place?
2. Today it's exactly five months since my breakup. It happened on Friday, November 13th. I'm glad she chose that day, because a) it's Friday the 13th and something horrible like that should happen on a day like this and b) because it's a 13th, the anniversary of this day will ALWAYS be on the same day as my birthday... Thanks (please note sarcasm)
Other than that I don't really have much to say. I've started my new studies last week and I'm still trying to get used to all the new things here.
I guess that's all.

With best regards
"It's always the darkest before the dawn."
In that case, it looks like my dawn might have come. It's still pretty dark around me, but at least there has been a little light in the last two weeks.
First of all and probably the most important thing is the fact that I can continue my studies in a different location. In most cases I'm able to keep my grades from before, so I won't have to start from scratch but I can start in the middle again. This way I'm able to save at least a little time without having to throw away my last 4,5 years.
A second nice thing would be the invitation of a friend of mine to join him in a Let's Play. So we recorded over 50 episodes in seven days and there are more to come, just not as frequently as before, because with me getting back to studies I won't have as much time as I had until now. But we had an amazing time recording and it really helped me to get my mind free. I had a lot of fun with him, especially since it has been quite a while since I was able to laugh like that. If you're able to understand german and like Pokémon, why not go check it out? Yo can find the whole SoulSilver Playlist at CloudSavings Channel:…
The third and final good thing that has happend to me is the Leipziger Buchmesse 2016. I once again had a blast there! Together with two great friends of mine we puled of some really entertaining cosplays which made the whole experience even better. We met lots of great cosplayers, bought some really awesome merch and enjoyed an amazing weekend. For me, this definitely was the best weekend in five months. The first time since then that I really felt good again.
And all of this together really helps me get better again. I'm still a little sick, but I got used to that by now. However it is really refreshing to feel joy once again. And I was able to that. So I really want to say thank you to the two nice women in my soon to be university who really helped me a lot in order to get this second chance! I would also like to thank CloudSaving a lot for letting me be a part of his Pokémon experience and for the great time we had so far and for all the funny moments that are still waiting to happen to us! And of course I also want to thank all of my other friends as well! For beeing there for me, for helping me through this hard time and for this amazing weekend I got to share with you in Leipzig!
Thank you very much for giving ma a ray of hope to make my future a little bit brighter.

With best regards.


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Evil Sören
I'm Sören, a German Brony, who likes to draw stuff, build some MOCs, read different kind of books, play games, cosplay and solve the Rubiks Cube.

I'm a caring, justice loving, family type of guy (out of order). Though right now I might be very spiteful. I'm in control in here until... well, I don't know. Let's just say 'for now' and we'll find out where this goes.

...and apparently I have Twitter now:

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